Why Earn a Photography Degree Online?

Photography is a very competitive field. While some photographers are paid anywhere from $14 – $20 an hour, but there are certain advantages to earning a degree – one being that it helps to distinguish people in a competitive marketplace. It is also useful for helping to learn new skills that are essential for career growth.

Convenience of Learning

Taking – and finding! – the time to earn a new degree is a big commitment. While the benefits from getting a degree are certainly tangible, having a convenient way to earn the degree is a benefit in and of itself. An accredited degree offered online offers all the same education and benefits as a traditional degree: degree programs in photography include a range of studio art and art history classes, lighting, digital photography methods, and other things that help to develop a student’s artistic eye.

A New Set of Skills

Sometimes, a degree is what takes something from a hobby to a job. Taking time to invest in projects, new skills, and learn about new methods is what can create highly developed and marketable talents. These skills are what can set apart an amateur from a professional and help to create longstanding relationships and profitable projects.

A Successful Work Life

A degree is often the first step to a successful career. A degree is a visible statement to companies and to others that you have gained experience, knowledge , and credible skills. This can be important for those looking to work independently or for a company – a personal biography that says you’ve earned your degree is an important statement towards helping people understand your personal and professional goals and abilities.

Overall, a degree is a great advantage for those working in photography. A degree is a great tool for building a portfolio of projects to showcase your skills, build up great ideas for future projects, and learn about new styles of photography and art. People can come into a situation feeling more confident in someone’s abilities and experiences. That can be a huge advantage in finding working, creating relationships, and growing creatively.

Online Photography Schools and Programs

Full Sail University Full Sail University is the college of choice for many students interested in new media art and design. The BS program in Graphic Design bridges the digital and analogue worlds with classes on software, composition and layout, operation of equipment, and design basics like color theory. This program is available online as well as at the campus.
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The Art Institutes The Art Institutes make up a vast school network across the US and online realm. Students have the freedom to pursue their degrees through online classes or at a nearby campus. AI offers two programs in photography, a certificate and BFA degree. AI also offers several alternatives for students who are interested in design and art.
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